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Hear from game-changing Canadian authors in VCC interview series

Posted on March 12, 2021

The Space Between - VCC Interview with Authors Series

Welcome to The Space Between. In this exciting new series presented by Vancouver Community College (VCC), Humanities department leader Larry Perras speaks with Canadian authors who are challenging the way we see our world and relate to the people around us.

Each of the three featured authors are leading the ever-evolving discourse surrounding gender, race, sexuality, and culture, and creating an open space of respect, compassion, and power.

Live interview sessions are held online and are free to attend with pre-registration. Recordings of the interviews will be posted here when available.


Avan Jogia -– Jan. 22, 2021

Avan Jogia is truly a modern Renaissance man. An actor, screenwriter, a director and musician, an LGBTQ advocate, and a poet, Avan reflects a new voice in the poetry world, one that is contemplative, at times starkly real, but always authentic. His perspective, as a man of a mixed racial background, thus the title of his collection, Mixed Feelings, is one that honours his heritage and shows clarity about the possibility of inclusive change.

Louise Bernice Halfe March 24, 2021

Louise Bernice Halfe – March 24, 2021, 7 - 8 p.m.


Award-winning and highly respected writer and poet Louise Bernice Halfe, also known by the Cree name Sky Dancer, has been named Canada's new parliamentary poet laureate, the first Indigenous person to receive this title. Her books, Bear Bones and Feathers(1994), Blue Marrow (2004), The Crooked Good (2007), and Burning In This Midnight Dream (2016) have all received numerous accolades and awards. S?hkêyihta features selected poems and was published in 2018. Her latest work Awasis – Kinky and Disheveled will be released in the spring of 2021.

In our interview, we discuss how Louise Bernice Halfe’s work contributes to a greater dialogue about connection and resilience. One of the most striking aspects of her writing is the focus on language as witnessing and documenting, and language as a force of claiming and reclaiming identity. Her ability to convey historical atrocities while maintaining a beauty of language and ideological optimism provides a perspective that is decidedly unique in our often-unconstructive discourses about Reconciliation. 

TBA April 2021

TBA – April 2021

Join us for our final author interview in April 2021. Watch this page for details and registration link soon.

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