Health and safety measures for Fall 2021


Adult upgrading

Earn your Grade 12 diploma, improve your literacy skills or upgrade your academic qualifications to pursue further study and start a new career.

VCC offers a range of academic courses for adults designed to meet individual goals. Attend an information session to learn about our math, science, computer and English courses, meet our teachers, ask questions and learn how to apply.

Join us at VCC's Broadway campus, 1120 East 7 Avenue at Glen Drive, across from VCC/Clark SkyTrain station.

Ask us about the non-repayable Adult Upgrading Grant. Contact VCC Financial Aid for more info.


Date Day Time Room Location
November 4, 2021 Thursday 2 - 3 p.m. PT Online
November 24, 2021 Wednesday 5 - 6 .pm. PT Online
December 7, 2021 Tuesday 12 - 1 p.m. PT Online
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