Health and safety measures for Fall 2021



VCC Music has been training musicians for 40 years for success on the world’s stages. Highly-regarded for its academic and skills curricula, VCC offers a two-year diploma and subsequent two-year Music - Bachelor of Applied Music degree. Both credentials place an emphasis on music and media, career opportunities and performance techniques.

VCC welcomes instrumentalists, composers, and vocalists in jazz, classical, rock and popular music, as well as music traditions from other cultures.

VCC offers part-time access to some diploma and degree courses (including ensembles), as well as basic musicianship courses (theory and ear training) and our large, community-based Willan Choir.


Date Day Time Room Location
November 10, 2021 Wednesday 4:30-5:30 PM PT Online
December 1, 2021 Wednesday 3 - 4 pm PT Online
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