Designing Data Visualizations using Tableau (CMPT 1511)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of data visualizations have surged. Data visualizations have played a significant role in communicating important information in a simple yet convincing fashion. This course covers the basic features and functionality of Tableau, a data analytics and business intelligence software.

In this instructor-led training, you will gain an overview of visual data analytics. Through working with data, you will learn how to create, sort, group, and filter sets. Hands-on practice will be provided through Tableau’s interface to clean and shape data.

You will learn through live demonstrations while interacting with a subject matter expert.
Course code: CMPT 1511
Credits: 0.0
Length: 15.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Varies Varies


Familiarity with Excel, or Excel Level 1 (CMPT 1129)

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