Personal Pattern Making 1- Bottoms (FASH 1160)

Learn to take personal measurements to be used to draft a Skirt, Trouser or Jean block/sloper. Each block will be cut in muslin and fitted to the individual. The fitting will be checked and any pattern adjustments will be applied to the draft. The draft will then be transferred onto card to be used to develop patterns. Use 1/2 scale blocks to learn how to manipulate blocks into various styles before developing a full scale personal Skirt or Pant pattern. After the pattern is completed, the design will be cut in muslin and sewn up for a fitting. The sequence of construction will be developed while constructing the muslin. This course will assist those students who are building a portfolio for acceptance into a fashion design program.
Course code: FASH 1160
Credits: 0.0
Length: 30.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Downtown Downtown


This course requires learners to have some basic sewing experience. If you have successfully completed FASH1154 Beginner Sewing 1 or FASH1118 Introduction to Industrial Sewing Machines (or have other relevant experience) you may use our industrial sewing machines. Otherwise, you are welcome to use one of our domestic machines, bring one of your own, or do your sewing at home.

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