Fei Cui Jade 1 (GEMM 1156)

Fei Cui is the most mysterious and fascinating gemstone in the world. It has three family members: Jadeite Jade, Omphacite Jade and Kosmochlor Jade. The many variations of colour and texture of each member generate many beautiful and valuable varieties. This course introduces you not only how the Fei Cui is formed, its many rainbow colours of over 20 popular varieties, as well as its stimulants in the market. Samples in practical session will be provided and you may also bring your own Jade pieces to share. its varied rainbow of colours.
Course code: GEMM 1156
Credits: 0.0
Length: 3.0 hours
Course outline: view http://www.mtexeter.com/vccphp/courseoutline?subject=GEMM&number=1156
Campus: Downtown Downtown



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