Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA?) in Dementia Care (HLTH 1151)

Every day in Canada care providers and family caregivers who interact with older adults in the dementia context face situations of risk. GPA is a practical evidence-based dementia education curriculum that teaches care providers how to use a person-centred, respectful, compassionate and gentle persuasive approach to respond to the behaviours associated with dementia.

GPA is a multidisciplinary education program designed for everyone who interacts with older adults in the workplace and the community setting. It is widely recognized in over 1700+ organizations across a variety of sectors and settings. Whether you are a registered health care professional, personal support worker, student, volunteer, house keeper, security staff, driver, or if your work involves interacting with older adults with dementia, your learning at GPA education session will be immediately applicable.
Course code: HLTH 1151
Credits: 0.0
Length: 7.5 hours
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Campus: Varies Varies

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