Consolidated Practice Experience 3 (NURS 3006)

This clinical experience will introduce learners to community practice and an opportunity to apply and adapt knowledge gained in Levels One, Two, or Access, and Level Two, within a continuum of care for clients across the lifespan. Learners may gain experience through simulation and in a variety of community and residential care agencies and settings. These hours may be offered as CPE 3 or integrated into the Integrated Nursing Practice 3 course as practice hours.
Course code: NURS 3006
Credits: 2.0
Length: 65.0 hours
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NURS 3001 - Professional Communication 3; NURS 3002 - Professional Practice 3; NURS 3003 - Health Promotion 3; NURS 3004 - Variations in Health 3; NURS 3005 - Integrated Nursing Practice 3