Introductory Physics - Part 1 (PHYS 1061)

This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts of physics through lecture and laboratory activities. Motion is introduced and then gradually, mathematical models are developed allowing the student to quantify observations and predictions. The content includes measurement, kinematics, dynamics, momentum and energy, and an introduction to special relativity.

Both Physics 1061 and Physics 1071 are required for covering the physics topics contained in high school courses up to and including the Grade 11 level. Physics 1061 and Physics 1071 can be taken at the same time or in any order.
Course code: PHYS 1061
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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? English 10 or equivalent
? Precalculus 11 (successfully completed within the last 3 years, a minimum score of 72% on the Intermediate Algebra Math Assessment, or equivalent). If the math prerequisite is not met, MATH 0861 or MATH 1061 must be taken at the same time as PHYS 1061.