Male hands holding fresh vine tomatoes
Hands holding a Subway Sandwich
Here we Grow
Male hand holding a fresh green pepper
Red Onions

Dalena Farms


Love red onions? In the local seasons, 100% of Subway® restaurants get them from fresh from this family-owned farm in Central Valley, CA in July & August.

Green Peppers

Eubanks Produce


From mid-May to late June, Subway® restaurants source green bell peppers from this family farm in Lucedale, Mississippi.

Red Tomatoes

Triple M Farms


This fourth-generation family farm provides Subway® restaurants throughout Arkansas with tomatoes and green bell peppers during their local growing season.

Keep It Real
Farmer walking with cows
Vegetable farm
Whole Grains
1 Per the Whole Grain Council, Information based on 6-inch serving size. See details.
Hands around a small seedling in garden